NITRO | Digital financial services

The fastest route to enable Sila services

Mobile App reference model & code that implements latest Sila API features.

Fast integration
Cost Down
Market Fast
Prevent Fraud

We are offering advice on how to manage payments through bank accounts, without dealing with different regulations on each state or technical details for every financial network in the US.

A free consultation how to ease payments within your business, using bank accounts

Receive a whitepaper on how to ease payments within your business, using bank accounts


So… What is Project NITRO?

Is a set of baseline software components (incl. mobile application) that implement common features delivered by the latest Sila API.

Bundled by Digital Geko to lower the cost and accelerate your go-to-market.

With our KYC flow, you do not need to integrate half a dozen vendors to activate your financial services.

  • Want to have a tech dive in? See our KYC/KYB OpenSource module at.

Request money Lately we are surrounded by Wallets! But every wallet works in different ways. By using Sila features and NITRO modules, you will move past wallet features and start working on features your users value most, like requesting money, a function that is common when doing business.


With several years in the market and many customers operating today, Digital Geko (a Sila Partner) can help you get to market faster with your digital financial services.

  • Register users and companies

  • FrontEnd

    Platform features are available from Android/iOS mobile application, with fully functional scenarios as required by Sila.

  • Create wallets

    Diferent wallets for different jobs.

  • BackEnd

    As a functional ready-to-deploy application, the backend components implement most of the Sila API features out-of-the-box.

  • Link bank accounts

    Multiple bank services

  • Deposit and withdraw money from the wallet

    Using your linked bank accounts, you can move money in or out any wallet.

  • Transfer money between wallets

    And you can also move money to other user's wallets.

  • Handle the KYC/KYB processes

    Automatic Validation

Mobile App features


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